Terms and Conditions

General Info's

This documentation, it provides a personal agreement between the user and Cryptospace (

https://www.cryptofxspace.com ) By registering and verifying your account, you accept all the Term and

Conditions of our company, and you confirm that you agree to use our services under the

simple rules of Cryptospace OU. Also, you agree that you have read, understood and accepted all

of the terms and conditions contained on this documentation. Any disagreement, please kindly

stop using our services. At last, if you need further information, you can go through our support

live chat or contact us at support@cryptofxspace.com or admin@cryptofxspace.com. You can also use any of

our Social Media ways, to express your opinion or to ask anything you may need.

Cryptospace OU  can modify or change these terms and conditions of the present document at any

time and provide the changes to all the users. Any changes automatically will get uploaded to

our platform, will get announced on our News category, and we will forward personal emails to

all the active users. User has the right to terminate his account any time he/she believes is

better for him/her. Deleting your account can be done through our 24/7 live chat support.

Age confirmation

By verifying your account with Cryptospace OU, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old, you

are legal personality or organization, and you can approve that any time. Cryptospace OU has the

right to ask additional confirmation of the above if this is necessary under the justify of Cryptospace OU.

Any misunderstanding from the user's side is not a company's responsibility, so make

sure that you know English well.

Who can use our services

Cryptospace OU is a whole world cryptocurrency, trading and exchange platform, based on Estonia

regulation rules about cryptocurrency. It welcomes anyone from any country/islands all over the


User can open an account and deposit cryptocurrency or fiat and use them for trading. Also,

users allow exchanging cryptocurrency to order and the opposite. At last, users can withdraw

their balances by using fiat currency or cryptocurrency.

Cryptospace OU Services

Cryptospace OU is a cryptocurrency trading and exchange platform. Cryptospace OU provides online

digital assets for trading. Also, giving fiat trading capabilities on its platform, it will be stringently

regulated by the guidelines laid out by the local regulator/government of Estonia. Except for the

trading services, Cryptospace OU, also offer, professional trading services, for users who are not

able to trade for any reason and PRO courses packages. Our traders are having all the necessary knowledge to provide

trading services, as much accuracy as possible.

Cryptospace OU Registrations and Requirements

Anyone interested in using Cryptospace OU services must register and confirm their email using

https://cryptofxspace.com. To create an account, cryptofxspace.com requests your email and a personal

password. On My Profile Users can add additional details if they want to do that. Cryptospace OU

offers three (3) different levels for trading.

The level number 1 does not request anything more than user uses to create his/her personal

account. For levels number 2 and number 3, Cryptospace OU requires document verification

(KYC). Further details users can find out on My Profile category, after the completing of main

registration. For KYC verification, Cryptospace OU can request Passport, ID identify, proof of

address and general personal details. In case of further request, Cryptospace OU can request from

the user, additional documents if it is necessary for security reasons. Cryptospace OU acts

according to the demands of Estonia Laws about cryptocurrencies and trading assets and is not

a personal request from the company. In case that users, for any reason, can not provide the

additional requirements, Cryptospace OU has the right to refuse to give any services, has the right

to froze user account or to delete it, if it is necessary.

Account Control

Cryptospace OU allows users to create as many accounts they wish. Those accounts can be used

only by those to whom they are registered. In case that Cryptospace OU proofs that accounts are

getting used by the non-real holder, or from a non-real person, has the right to froze or to delete

those accounts, without further warning or explanation.


Cryptospace OU priority is to keep safe users details and funds. For this, we implement, and we will

always continue to maintain them and to make them safer. Users needed to understand that the

security of their accounts and funds also depend from their behavior. Users required to keep in

mind that will never share any detail connect with their account and also follow all the security

instruction we provide through our platform, by activating the secure functionalities in their


Users agree that they :

a) Will inform Cryptospace OU, in case they notice any suspicious movements on their account.

b) Will strictly activate all the offered security functionalities, once they get registered with

Cryptospace OU.

c) Will log out from their accounts when they do not use them.

Cryptospace OU is not responsible for any losses or issues to accounts, whose owners do not

follow the above advice.

Cryptospace OU pieces of advice and guides

Users hereby agree that:

• All the activities on their account are done under the laws of their own country.

• Users are responsible for keeping safe their accounts and following all the necessary

steps for an extra secure account.

• Users will not break any rules of Cryptospace OU.

• Users will not violence any Term and Conditions of Cryptospace OU.

• Users will not try to cheat Cryptospace OU by using any Robotic Methods, or any Hacking

Methods by using malicious software or any other hacking ways.

• Users are responsible for following all the taxes laws according to their countries.

• Users will provide additional details in the case that Cryptospace OU ask for it for any

security reasons.

By verifying your account, you agree that :

Cryptospace OU has all the rights to unilaterally determine whether you have violated any of the

above covenants and take actions to apply relevant rules without receiving your consent or

giving prior notice to you. Such actions are :

• Frozen of account

• Blocking of Account

• Deleting of Account

• Blocking of trading functionalities

• Reporting to Authorities

Users must make sure they read all the above responsibilities and actions before to use Cryptospace OU services.

Services Fees

Cryptospace OU has the right under the laws of Estonia authorities to charge services fees to all

the users based on their registration level and according to the activities of users. Also has the

right to change the number of payments any time if the company believes it is necessary and

under the requirements laws.

Services Provision

Cryptospace OU does not offer any form of agreement about the warranty regarding the services

connected with stability, accuracy and completeness about the involved technologies. Cryptospace OU

cannot control the legalities of any coin and the info which combined with each one.

Third parties companies who own any currency are responsible for the above, and users must

get informed about the coin which they are interested in trading or investing before proceeding

in any transaction. Cryptospace OU is responsible for controlling – maintain – keep in safety, the

entire platform, the funds of users and their details (data?). Cryptospace OU can proceed to an

investigation about a possible case inside platform but not outside of it and not for what is not

connect with the company.


Cryptospace OU is not responsible for any losses that may come out by the following:

• Failed to use Cryptospace OU services because of not good knowledge.

• Misunderstanding of Cryptospace's OU services.

• Losses which are coming out not because of Cryptospace OU attributes.

• Losses of profits or any other intangible losses.

• Damages arose out from bad use of your account.

Cryptospace OU can proceed in any investigation for kind of losses which don't connect with any

from the above cases, and only if the user informs the company not later than 24 hours after the

possible case.


Cryptospace OU is responsible for compensating any amount of funds, in case that it would be

proven that kind of losses came out because of the company's responsibilities. No one kind of

recompense can be given to the user if the responsibility for the possible losses is coming out

because of users bad control of the account. Any re compensation demands additional

investigation before any decision.

Account Termination

Cryptospace OU has the right to:

• Block any account and its funds

• Suspend any account and its funds

• Lock any account and its funds

• Freeze any account and its funds

• Delete any account

If we suspect any from the following:

• Detection of unusual activity in the account

• Detection of unauthorized access to the account

• Criminal investigation

• Governmental order

• Hacking trials

In case that any the above accounts, has remaining funds, those funds will return to the user

after the investigation gets completed. After the finishing of the investigation, the user has fifteen

(15) days to withdraw the funds from the account. Users do not have the right to

withdraw any remaining funds from their accounts if those accounts get terminate because of

Hacking Trials.

Local Laws

Users are responsible for following their local laws which are connected with services, similar to Cryptospace OU.

Cryptospace OU is not responsible if the user faces kind of issue with his/her local

authorities about those activities.

Funds and Sources

Users confirm that any amount of funds transacted from their accounts are legal and legitimate

sources and are not coming out from illegal activities. Cryptospace OU has the right to investigate

the deposited funds if we suspect unlawful activities, or in case we have Criminal or

Governmental order from user's Local Authorities. User is not going to lose their funds in such

kind of situations. The only reason users lose any funds is to get proved that those kinds of

activities they had targeted the interests of Cryptospace OU.

For Cryptospace OU AND cryptofxspace.com


Natalia Krupenko